Here are the steps that you can follow for placing a new verification request:

1.  Click on new request button on the bottom right corner of your dashboard, as shown below

2. Fill in the details of employee and click on next to add company details


3. Add company details on the next screen as shown below. You can add multiple past companies of the employee where background verification requests need to be sent. Each company added will consume 1 Refcheck credit from your account.


4. All past company and employment details where verification needs to be sent will show up on the right column. Click on "Place Request" to send verification request to added companies. Please note that as soon as request is placed, Refcheck credits will be deducted from your account. 


5. Once added, the request will show up on your dashboard. You can click on the card anytime to get current status of the request. Once response is received, it will get updated on the same card.